April 25th, 2018 1:37 am

AMD releases Ryzen Gen 2 Processors

AMD has recently released its second generation Ryzen CPUs this April 19th 2018

Gaming beyond Imagination. 2nd Gen Ryzen™. The Intelligent Processor-AMD


From Gordon Mah Ung from “PCWorld

“The new 2nd-gen Ryzen chips are based refined CPU cores that AMD calls “Zen+.” While the first-gen Ryzen chips were built on a 14nm process, 2nd-gen Ryzen uses GlobalFoundries’s new 12nm process, which helped AMD increase the clock speed range over the original version.”

“Although the various latency improvements offer performance benefits, much of 2nd-gen Ryzen’s performance gains come directly from higher clock speeds. The original Ryzen 7 1800X topped out at 4GHz under boost conditions, and the 1700X maxed out at 3.8GHz. The Ryzen 7 2700X can hit 4.3GHz.

The higher overall clock speeds aren’t the only improvement. Precision Boost 2, a greatly improved version of the original technology, now pushes 2nd-gen Ryzen processors to higher clock speeds on lighter loads that would have pushed the original Ryzen CPUs off their boost modes. In certain loads that used only three or four threads, AMD said the Ryzen 7 2700X would run nearly 500MHz faster than the Ryzen 7 1800X.”

“The 2nd-gen chips are fully compatible with existing AM4 motherboards. AMD says it has been including rudimentary BIOS support for the CPUs for a few months, so the vast majority of motherboards on store shelves should be good to go out of the box. If the board won’t boot though, you’ll have to borrow a CPU from AMD and update the BIOS yourself.

New CPUs demand fresh motherboards though, and AMD is now offering an enthusiast-class X470 chipset that supplements the capabilities of the existing X370 chipset. For the most part, it’s a minor update and doesn’t offer any additional ports or expansion. Most boards based on the X470, however, will offer the latest voltage regulation modules and may hit slightly higher overclocks.”

“The new Ryzen chips have a new approach to cooling, too.

AMD opted not to bundle CPU coolers with the first-gen “X”-branded Ryzen CPUs on the sound logic that, well, enthusiasts building high-end machines would just put a stock cooler on the shelf and install something better instead. AMD officials now say customers have been asking for its custom “Wraith” coolers even at the high-end, so it’s now including them in the box.

The top-end Ryzen 7 2700X includes the new Wraith Prism cooler, which features programmable RGB lights for the fan, logo, and fan cowling, as well as switchable performance modes. The default “L” position limits the fans to 2,800 rpm and 38dBA of noise, with a TDP rating of 116 watts. Flip it to “H” and the maximum speed goes up to 3,600 rpm, increasing the TDP rating to 124 watts. Noise also goes up to 47dBA on max speed.”

Gaming beyond Imagination. 2nd Gen Ryzen™. The Intelligent Processor-AMD



*images and videos found on AMD.com

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