August 12th, 2014 4:14 pm

Cloud IT technology will transform airport experience, Amadeus report find


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Airports are increasingly looking to cloud-based IT systems to improve their operations, according to a new paper released by travel technology firm Amadeus.

The report ‘IT makes sense to share: making the case for the cloud in common use airport technology’ – identifies the case for adoption of cloud technology for the airports of the future.

In the paper, 20 senior airport executives discuss the potential of the cloud to decrease costs, improve efficiency and transform the passenger experience.

Amadeus says cloud technology is gaining momentum despite lingering concerns around resilience, privacy and risk, while airports are increasingly identifying the need to switch to next generation cloud systems to improve operational efficiencies in a challenging marketplace.

The report founds rising business pressures from stakeholders and competitors mean airports must make the most efficient use of IT resources to operate effectively and work more collaboratively with airlines, while looking for alternative revenue streams to remain competitive.

The paper indicates modernising approaches to common use systems is one route to alleviate these challenges in a world that has access to the latest models of cloud computing.

It highlights the industry is now ready to adopt next generation common use solutions to maximise the operational and commercial performance of the sector.

However, it found some airports still have doubts stemming from concerns about resilience, privacy, security, and risk, although the report suggests attitudes to these issues are gradually changing.

Michael Ibbitson, CIO, London Gatwick Airport, and report contributor commented: “Today’s setup is reliant on out-dated technology and is not really embracing the revolutionary capability of the Internet.”

He adds: “It is time to embrace technology as quickly as possible, and develop a fundamental shift in aviation IT.”

John Jarrell, head of Airport IT, Amadeus, says airports need to look for new ways to compete and maximize the value of their resources amidst growing economic pressure.

“Dedicated cloud providers can lower costs for airports thanks to economies of scale, among many other benefits that allow airports the flexibility to service their customers better,” Jarrell adds.

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