October 8th, 2019 9:42 am

3 ways to take your conference room to the next level

conference room upgradeConference room technology is about more than cable management (which we discussed in Conference room cable management: make a great impression). Cabling helps make your conference room atheistically pleasing and safe—both of which are good. Now here is what to do to take your conference room to the next level.

Upgrading the Conference Room

1. Speakers and mics.
When you’re designing and building out the space, think about how people will use it. Will you have speakers roaming the room while presenting? If so, then you need to plan to speakers and mics situated so that people can participate no matter where they’re sitting.

You also want to make the speakers and mics are good enough so that people calling in remotely can clearly hear.

2. Digital signage.
Signage helps promote your company culture,
welcome guests, and communicate with your employees and visitors. And it’s not just for the lobby. Many conferencing room systems allow wall-mounted displays to become digital signage when there isn’t a meeting in progress.That means you can bring digital signage into the conference room or boardroom, adapting the message to whatever is most important or appropriate at the time. You can program welcome greetings for clients, recognize employees at staff meetings, or share key wins.

The digital sign is adaptable, and that makes it a great addition.

3. Modular glass walls.
True, modular glass walls make the acoustics challenging to manage (a challenge you can address with the speaker and mic system). It may be worth the challenge to have the ability to expand or contract the conference room as needed.

To address the acoustics, add sound-absorbing materials to reduce reverb and increase sound clarity. These days sound-absorbing panels can act as artwork. Bring in an audio/visual expert to make sure you set everything up so that the glass walls don’t interfere with sound quality.

Of course, if you’re going to do use module walls, you need to make sure the furniture and cabling are also adaptable. This is something your IT consultant can help design.

Call the pros

Upgrading your conference rooms is both an audio/visual job and an IT job. We have expertise in both and would love to help you up your conference room look and feel. Give us a call today.

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