December 14th, 2020 11:51 am

Google Services Back Online After Widespread Outage: Why Backups are So Important

You may have woken up this morning like many others questioning what was wrong with your gmail or goggle account. It turned out that the popular online platform suffered a major outage for over an hour, affecting the majority of their most popular services.

With today’s pandemic, so many of us rely more heavily on technology and services like google meet. For thousands of students attending classes virtually, google classroom is vital for online learning. Workers and students rely majorly on online documents, e-mails, software, etc. in order to meet deadlines and effectively perform their jobs. With so many employees currently working from home during COVID, the use of online technology has become more important and necessary.

The outage of Google this morning has taught us how many individuals rely solely  on the use of technology and data applications to perform their job. The slightest outage can cripple many workplaces for hours. This is why it is so important for businesses to make use of backups, in order to save any important data they may have in the event of a software crash or outage.

When data is stored in a backup, specifically an online backup, it allows users and organizations to recover individual files and folders, as well as protects data from a variety of everyday data loss scenarios that can occur, such as with the Google outage whereas many could not access their Google docs and sheets. Through automated backup programs, backup and retention is ran automatically up to four times per day, ensuring data loss prevention. Backups also protect data against other loss threats such as basic human error, hardware failure, and ransomware.

To learn more about the importance of backups, contact your IT professional today.

To learn more about the widespread  Google outage, the article posted on is below:

Google services suffered a widespread outage that lasted over an hour on Monday, sparking complaints from users around the world that they couldn’t access their email. According to DownDetector, the problem appears to have affected Gmail, YouTube, Google Drive, Google Hangouts and Google Meet. 

The outage began at around 6:25 a.m. ET (3:25 a.m. PT) and continued for over an hour. Google’s own Workspace Status Dashboard showed all its services to be suffering outages without exception. But Google Search appeared to still be working, as did Chrome. At around 7:40 a.m. ET (4:40 a.m. PT) services started coming back online.

The outage was a rough start to the week not just for Google, but for all the workers, students and businesses around the world that rely on Google Services.

Google didn’t immediately address the problem on social media or respond to request for comment about the outage. The BBC reported that a spokesperson for Google had said they were unable to access their email. 

The hashtag #GoogleDown was trending on Twitter, with people complaining of being unable to do their jobs, complete assignments or meet important deadlines. Other users mused over our collective dependency on Google, wondering if it was perhaps, in fact, bad.

The cause of the outage is as yet unclear, but Google will be likely be keen to get to the root of the problem to prevent a repeat of the situation.

Article written by Katie Collins @ CNET can be viewed in its entirety at:

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