April 3rd, 2015 5:44 pm

How Secure is your Network?

The tidal wave of security breaches, hacks, and cyber attacks of present day parading through the media continues to give us a daily dose of paranoia illustrating just how susceptible we all are to the malicious prowling of hackers targeting any network or IP address they choose.

Such hyper-anxiety leads individuals and firms alike to one of two places. Acute-schizophrenia or mind-numbing apathy. So what do you do?

Cybersecurity is critical at any level of any organization today. Safeguard procedures must be planned, tested, and implemented early and often for any size organization. In a recent article from The American Genius, Matt Edenhofer, IT Manager for Balboa Capital, recommends organizations conduct due diligence assuring all employees familiarize themselves with the potential of cyber threats.

The article offers four effective yet surprisingly simple tips to protect your firm against cyber threats.

Bailey Systems can provide you with an overview of potential security threats and how they might affect your organization.

How secure is your network? Contact Bailey Systems today for a free technology audit that includes a security assessment of your networks.

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