Daniel and Ty – MacGyver a Bracket

During a local office move we needed to mount up a display for the reception area.  The bracket was old school so Daniel and Ty went out to the van, got a grinder, found power and made precision cuts to provide an area where power, low voltage and cables could More >

ADI Alexandria

We always online order our materials from a lot of vendors but it is always fun picking up product from ADI stores.  While they pull the order, you can check out all the new products.


Walter White, Daniel and the Joker

While looking for a way to get connectivity from a roof top pool down the parking garage.  Daniel and I got off the elevator on the 16th floor of a newly renovated building and saw these really cool paintings.  Now there is the Joker, Walter White and our own Bailey More >

Quick Field Test

Charter Fishing on the Bay – Caught the Limit!!!!


Cable management done right

Getting wire incognito

A safe way of wiring through the floor is covering the tracks to prevent injuries

The right tools for the job

What a blast! The perfect tool for piercing J Hooks into concrete.

Cabling a Kantek Unit

Just finished installing a Control Access Panel and a Power Unit.

Loading up the van – Getting Ready to go do another camera job!

Getting ready to load up the van.  Have been doing a lot of CCTV systems.  This one has a decent amount of Fiber Optics involved.  Looking forward to getting this done for the customer!