November 6th, 2015 9:20 pm

Windows 10 Tips and Tricks – From LifeHack

This is from Life Hacker :


After surfing around the web for tips and tricks as well as incorporating hands on experience we have found some fun things you can try with your new Windows 10. The really awesome thing about Windows 10 is that Microsoft made it so that Ctrl-V would work inside the command prompt. All you need to do is right-click on the title bar of a command prompt window, select Properties, and click the Experimental tab and there are several other new features you can enable.


The Command Prompt Got Way More Than Just Ctrl-V

Cmd prompt

Here’s What Windows 10 Looks and Feels Like

Ok so maybe you’re still not too sure about upgrading. You might be thinking what am I going to see, what is it like? Often at times there is some apprehension about new technology when it’s fairly new out on the market. Well no worries are here with you through this process. I think you will find that it’s a rather simple and smooth experience.

OK OK, so not every feature is cool but did you know that you can now wrap text to the edge of the window and adjust the width to whatever you want. The text will even wrap on the resize. Even the notifications are starting to look cool. Never miss an important email again, once your email is open you will get a notification that you have one and who it’s from. If you use Dropbox, you will get a notification of synced files as well so you can keep track of what is going on more easily without stopping what you’re doing every 5 minutes to check the process.

Look and Feel

Here, Allegedly, Is the Windows 9 Notification Center In Action

Below you will find a sneak peek inside of Windows 10 start menu and taskbar. You will be able to pin whatever you may need to your taskbar whether it’s your email or even the recycle bin. All you need to do is click start find your app, right click and pin. Never have to hunt again, Windows 10 has really taken some of the concerns of others that have had certain issues with things and while not being successful with everything, has really improved many of the other issues making it easier to navigate around your start menu.  Even explorer has a new home. Cool thing is it acts as a default landing page when you open a new window. This window shows any locations you’ve designated as Favorites, as well as your frequently-used folders and recent files


With Windows 10 finding recent files has never been easier. The sidebar in any Explorer window. While that’s a little redundant if you’re trying to access favorites, the quick way to reach recent files and common folders could prove invaluable.

Below you will find some Keyboard Shortcuts Make Virtual Desktops Super Easy to Use that we found from “Life Hacker”

Below you will find

“If you’re an avid Lifehacker reader, you probably had one key question when Microsoft debuted multiple desktops: will it have keyboard shortcuts? Well, good news! You get two. The first is Win-Tab. Those with long-term memories might recall that this shortcut was used in Vista as a fancier version of Alt-Tab. Now, instead of alternating applications, Win-Tab will bring up the Expose-like interface where you can create or switch between multiple desktops.

Additionally, you can press Ctrl-Win-Right or -Left to move between virtual desktops immediately. In the Technical Preview, there doesn’t seem to be any animation to convey that you’re changing desktops like OS X has, but it’s still a very welcome method for switching.”

File History is Now Its Own Tab in Properties

Windows 10 has a better way of making backup easier, by right-clicking it, selecting Properties, and clicking the brand new Previous Versions tab.

File History


Let’s face it we all love Cortana, and who doesn’t you can have so much fun asking her tons of questions from what’s your favorite color to who is your daddy?, did you know that Cortana can configure what you like, research and other things you might enjoy just by the questions you ask. Cortana will remember the places you been and things that interest you and will journal them, it’s like having another organizer. All-in-all, Windows 10 really is a huge improvement by far. There are also a wealth of Metro-style apps that, while technically not new, are worth exploring. Give it a shot, download Windows 10 and watch the new chapter of your technological life unfold. You will never be the same.