August 6th, 2015 3:53 pm

New message about Attackers….

It was recently published that attackers don’t need your password to access your one/google drive files. The so called “man-in-the-cloud “can access cloud-based files, infect you with malware and you wouldn’t know it until it was too late. Attackers are always looking for new ways to attack. They have found this by grabbing the password token that sits on your device in other words when you go to log on to a site and save your password so you always stay logged it is a great way for attackers to take that password and this happens usually by phishing. So is it something to be worried about? The answer is always going to be a yes cyber security is always something you want to worry about and maintain. Make sure you always keep your IT Company up to date on all changes and issues that you may have. Ask your IT company questions regarding your monitoring, virus scans, backup, and other protection when discussing your IT needs. Make sure you aren’t ignoring your updates as it slows down your pc and can up your chances of being attacked. To read more you can view this article at:


Written by:  for Zero Day