July 28th, 2015 5:28 pm

System Administrator Appreciation Day

When is System Administrator Appreciation Day? This Friday July 31, 2015  Yes, it’s SysAdmin Day!

Quick Fact: “System Administrator Appreciation Day”, started July of 2000.

What are systems administrators are responsible for …

  • amazing uptime statistics. When you hear references to those “five nines”, what people are talking about are systems that are up 99.999% of the time, and the sysadmins are the ones making that happen.
  • amazingly little data loss. Backups generally run every night and often critical systems are set to synchronize their holdings to other servers so that even a server crash or the collapse of a building won’t keep you down for long — unless, maybe, it’s the one you’re sitting in.
  • good connections. The network your systems connect to has to be monitored and managed to ensure that network traffic doesn’t slow down connections. Sysadmins often manage networks and network devices as well.
  • the apps that keep you productive. Sysadmins often load, patch, and upgrade the critical tools that you use to get your work done. From databases to compilers to test generators to vulnerability detectors, sysadmins keep them current and keep them working.

Written by: Sandra Henry-Stocker