October 29th, 2020 9:12 am

What You Need To Know About Access Control in 2020

2019 Reflections

This past year proved to be a significant one in the world of access control. “As an industry, we’ve been anticipating mobile credentials for over a decade,” says Peter Boriskin, chief technology officer, ASSA ABLOY Opening Solutions Americas. “Mobile adoption has been increasing steadily over time, but 2019 was the tipping point. Growing capabilities in the residential space continued to drive customer expectations in the commercial space, and Apple’s launch of mobile student IDs also played a significant role in this shift. The mere fact that it is now proven to be possible put people’s minds at ease and removed a lot of the fear factor.”

“In 2019, we saw many campuses getting their infrastructure up to speed to support mobile credentials,” Primovic said. “There are thousands of use cases across any given campus that are currently set up to support magnetic stripe or smartcard credentials. Campuses that had the foresight to install future-proof solutions that enable a seamless transition to mobile were prepared, but many other campuses had a significant undertaking in upgrading their infrastructure. In 2020, we will start to see broader deployment of mobile across all points of campuses.”

Another important trend was the use of analytics and intelligence to manage security.

“Today, we are able to take a more proactive approach to security threats, which enables us to prevent tragedies from occurring,” said David Corbin, director of product management – Access Control Accessories, ASSA ABLOY Electromechanical Specialties Group. “The ability to converge building information systems with other systems provides a more holistic look at the entirety of a property. With limited budgets, a curb-to-core strategy with multiple layers of security is the most effective way to predict what could go wrong in your facility and eliminate threats before they become viable.”

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